Our Vision

To be the most trusted premium quality rice producer and the first international standard compliance for safety and hygiene rice mill in Cambodia.

Mission: developing reliable and sustainable supply chain concerning with community in combination with state of art rice milling facility and process with best professionals. 

BRICo Ways:

BRICo is committed to live up the following the following corporate cultures and philosophy (PICETH) for the sustainability of success:

Process and result oriented: We look at the whole process and result to evaluate our performance rather than just single piece of function and unit. The best process will lead to the best result. Action talks louder than word.

Integrity and Honesty: Trust and credibility takes time to develop and we believe that integrity and honesty is the core to make it happen and it is the best human characteristic to have.

Continuous learning and improvement: We believe that life is a learning process regardless of age and situation. No one is perfect, but we are committed to be excellent in whatever we are doing with the belief that there is always opportunity to learn and improve. Learn from oneself mistake and others mistake and not to repeat it again.

Engagement and involvement: Making the profit alone is not enough but BRICo believes that the real positive impact on sector and community is the engagement, involvement and improvement concern parties in community we are operating such as creating job employment, engaging with local farming community, leading and developing international compliant standard and practice within the sector in order to be the role model.

Transparency: We believe that by being fair and opened in what we are doing, avoiding favoritism, nepotism is the best way to create win-winsituation and healthy environment for company as well as the industry which would benefit all of interest parties. BRICo does not tolerate with corruption and all kinds of cheating.

Hygiene and safety: BRICo give priority on hygiene and safety not only to our consumer but also to our staff and everyone involve. We are committed to follow the Good Manufacturing Practice and other necessary standard compliance.

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Business Objectives

The principle business objectivities of BRICo will be milling, processing and exporting rice to leading export markets. Secondarily, the Company will seek to market and sell rice to local, Cambodian markets for non-exportable varieties and when supply outstrips BRICo customer demand.

Operating Philosophy

The BRICo has been built upon on a number of core guiding principles and joint commitments. These principles provide the foundation for the joint Venture and the role of Loran going forward in the successful operation of the company. These guiding principles will be explicitly stated in the JV Agreement documentation and each partner will undertake formally to support them. The JV “Guiding Principles” or “Commitments” are as follows:

1. All parties are committed to building a transparent, compliant and international standard organization to set benchmark for the agriculture industry in Cambodia.

2. All parties are committed to listing the Company on CSX by 2017 and will take necessary action to achieve the objective.