BRICo became the first GMG, HACCP &

OHSAS 18001:2007 CERTIFIED RICE MILL.                                                                                                                                                                                    


BRICo has successfully implimented contract farming for Organic Jasmine"Phka Rumduol Variety" with farmer cooperative within 2014-2015 seasonat Kampong Putrea, Chey Sen District, Preah Vihea province . b_340_446_16777215_00_images_articles_activities_scan.jpg
BRICo CEO, Mr. Kunthy KANN presents about Cambodia Rice sector and export situation on behalf of Cambodian Delegate of Rice Exporter during TRT 5th World Rice Conference. Hong Kong November 20th, 2013. b_330_180_16777215_00_images_articles_activities_presents-_about_Cambodia_Rice.jpg
BRICo CEO, Mr. Kunthy KANN with panelists from World Food Program and Myanmar answering questions from audiences. Hong Kong November 20th, 2013 b_330_180_16777215_00_images_articles_activities_panelists_from_World_Food_Program.jpg
BRICo CEO, Mr. Kunthy KANN, Export and Sales Officer, Mr. Rattana PHALlift the world best rice trophy where Cambodia won. Hong Kong November 20th, 2013 b_330_226_16777215_00_images_articles_activities_best-rice-trophy.jpg
BRICo CEO, Mr. Kunthy KANN acceptsthe world best rice trophy from Jeremy, The Rice Trader CEO on behalf of Cambodian Delegate of Rice Exporters. Hong Kong November 20th, 2013 b_330_201_16777215_00_images_articles_activities_world_best_rice_trophy_from_Jeremy.jpg
Cambodian Delegate of Rice Exporterscelebratethe best moment with the world best rice trophy. Hong Kong November 20th, 2013 b_330_169_16777215_00_images_articles_activities_Cambodian_Delegate_of_Rice_Exporters_celebrate.jpg
CEO of BRICo, Mr. Kunthy KANN speaks about the GMP and HACCP standard and its trend during Cambodia Rice Festival. Siem Reap October 10th, 2013. b_330_202_16777215_00_images_articles_activities_speaks-about-the-GMP.jpg
CEO BRICo, Mr. Kunthy KANN and others panelist taking the question from audience during the Q&A about Food Safety and Hygiene “GMP and HACCP”.Siem Reap October 10th, 2013.



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BRICo together with Forte Insurance and AMK

BRICo together with Forte Insurance and AMK have initiated the Weather Crop Index Insurance to ensure farmer from risk o

World Best Rice 2014

Cambodia Premium Fragrant Rice "Jasmine" won The World Best Rice three year consecutively. Cambodia Daily      


  Battambang Rice Investment Co., Ltd. introduced Cambodian Premium Rice into EU markets since 2013 it’s become popular


Proposal Announcement

Proposal Announcement    Battambang Rice Investment Co., Ltd. “BRICo” is a joint venture rice mill dedicated to bringing international best practice to rice milling and e

Proposal announcement for consultant

BRICo is currently looking for interested experience firm or individual consultant for the followings: To support strategic development of contract farming initiatives Fo
Business Objectives

The principle business objectivities of BRICo will be milling, processing and exporting rice to leading export markets. Secondarily, the Company will seek to market and sell rice to local, Cambodian markets for non-exportable varieties and when supply outstrips BRICo customer demand.

Operating Philosophy

The BRICo has been built upon on a number of core guiding principles and joint commitments. These principles provide the foundation for the joint Venture and the role of Loran going forward in the successful operation of the company. These guiding principles will be explicitly stated in the JV Agreement documentation and each partner will undertake formally to support them. The JV “Guiding Principles” or “Commitments” are as follows:

1. All parties are committed to building a transparent, compliant and international standard organization to set benchmark for the agriculture industry in Cambodia.

2. All parties are committed to listing the Company on CSX by 2017 and will take necessary action to achieve the objective.