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Cambodia is an agro-based country and it has natural abundance of various agricultural products including food grains of which rice is an important food and cash crops cultivated on more than 2.9 million hectares. The importance of rice trade in Cambodia can be judged by its significant contribution in achieving the export targets of 1 million metric tons of quality milled rice by 2015 set by the government. Although the annual production of rice in Cambodia stands at around 9 million metric tons of paddy with an estimated surplus for export about 5 million metric tons of paddy, the official export statistics of Cambodian milled rice is relatively small. In year 2009 we exported only 12,613 metric tons but the figure grew to 105,259 metric tons in 2010 and almost doubled in 2011 to 201,899 metric tons. It was a bit stable in 2012, with the figure at 205,717 metric tons. However, we see a strong growth in the first ten months of 2013 and we believe the figure will reach approximately 400,000 metric tons by the end of 2013. In addition to the impressive increase in the official export figure, we believe Cambodian rice is well perceived in terms of quality and price by international rice traders and consumers. To accomplish the aforesaid and to progressively work to achieving a target of 1 million tons by 2015 set out by government, it is required that the exporters of rice work under a unified platform and commercial agricultural in Cambodia through farmer training, land cultivation maximization, proper usage of chemical fertilizers, better control of rain water through improving existing reservoir as well as creating new ones, and at the same time improving transportation and logistics systems. We also believe that the Cambodia rice sector is benefiting from the support of donors like IFC, AFD, USAID, AUSAID, ADB and World Bank alike has been successful in its short take off period in improving the Cambodia rice trade by the development of rice milling machinery and by importing latest technology & equipment from Japan, Europe, USA and Asia to minimize losses & value addition where paddy usually trade across the border of Vietnam and Thailand.


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Battambang Rice Investment Co., Ltd (BRICo) has been demonstrating its compliance to product quality and safety for many years to ensure every single piece of its rice reaches to customers at its optimal quality. 


Our mission is to explore, generate, produce and distribute high quality and safe rice product which enhance people’s health and well-being while helping our primary producer through consistent acquisition.


Our vision is to grow sustainably, guaranteeing ethical manner and professional and personal integrity in the presentation of our business doings, generating value for our stockholders, minimizing the environmental influence of our processes, assuring the personal and career growth of our teams, improving the quality of life in civilization and meeting the desires of customers and consumers.


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