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Cambodian Premium Rice
Premium Fragrant Rice

Extra-long grain, strong natural scent, soft texture, tender-fluffy when cooked with tantalizing aroma. 

  • Phka Malis (Jasmine) : Phka Rumduol
  • Phka Romeat
  • Phka Rumdeng
  • Somali
  • Neang Malis
Fragrant Rice

Long grain with similar Jasmine fragrance and characteristics, soft texture, tender when cooked, full of flavor. 

  • Sen Kra Ob
  • Sen Pidao
Premium White Rice

Medium-length grain, kernel w/ translucent endosperm, white color, distinct scent. Soft after cooking, a versatile tasty variety. 

  • Ginger Rice : Phka Knhey
  • Phka Chan Sen Sar
  • CAR 4
  • CAR 6
  • Riang Chey
White Rice

Medium-length and long grain varieties, kernel w/ white endosperm, firm texture also after cooking. 

  • Neang Khon
  • OM5451
  • Neang Minh
  • IR 66
  • Ponla Pdao
  • Chulsa
  • Pearl Rice

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