BRC, HACCP, & GHP certified company

WORLD'S BEST RICE 2012, 2013, & 2014

BATTAMBANG is the heart of Cambodia’s rice bowl

BRC, HACCP, & GHP certified company

WORLD'S BEST RICE 2012, 2013, & 2014

Our Company

Battambang Rice Investment Co.’ Ltd “BRICo” a license investment company no. 1613/12CIB date 20th July 2012 & no. 4598MOC/D/REG by the Council for the Development of Cambodia and Ministry of Commence, is a joint venture company established by a group of diverse investor group including local investors with strong operational experience, extensive local and international contacts.

BRICo has been built upon a number of core guiding principles and shareholders are committed to become one of the nation’s leading rice millers and wholesalers focusing on rice business. The business covers an extensive scale of activities ranging from milling, processing, packaging to distribution of various rice and rice products.


We believe in earning our customers' trust by deeply understanding their needs. We provide tailored made solutions to agriculture businesses.


Building a transparent, compliant and international standard organization to set the benchmark for agriculture industry in Cambodia. Achieving a regulatory benchmark that set the highest bar for employee and consumer rights.


We work to preserve the health, safety and well-being of our employees. Recognizing and maximizing the strengths provided by the reputable local partners in the effective establishment and management of BRICo.

BRICo is committed to providing the best for our customers Quality, Efficiency and Reliability.


Excellence in Product Quality

The success of BRICO can be attributed our determination to supply quality products. We believe to deliver quality products we need quality paddy and from the fertile fields of Battambang (A known region for Jasmine and Fragrance paddy) so that we are able to achieve that goal. Our rice mill is strategically located in Battambang, with direct access to the freshly harvested paddy from farmers. With this proximity, we are able to implement spot base quality control and ensuring the freshness of the paddy at our mill.

Our team focus on the highest standards of hygiene, quality and purity. It seeks to maintain the natural goodness and taste in every grain produced. In our quest to ensure that the best produce reaches our customers.

BRICo maintains a healthy composition of trained, qualified and experienced personnel to run the organization, shift in processing, packaging and distribution par excellence to secure top rankings among our peers and competitors.

Our Product

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Fragrant Rice

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White Rice

Why Battambang Rice Investment Co., Ltd?

Our manufacturing site is located in Battambang Province which is known as the Rice Bowl of Cambodia as it can provide adequate rice to feed the entire country. Being one of the country’s most occupied city, Battambang is set on fertile soil that offers the country’s peak quality rice produce.

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    Guaranteed quality products
    Produced under product quality and safety management systems
    Competitive price
    Quick support
    On-time delivery
    Great reputation
    Excellent after sale service

Our Latest News

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China promised to import more rice from Cambodia

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